Mendoza Maintenance Group, Inc is committed to providing our clients and our employees with a clean, safe, and healthy environment in which they can work in. We recognize that this is the right and responsibility of every client and MMG employee. We understand that accidents are preventable if safety awareness is made a vital part of daily routines. Preventing work-related injuries is so crucial that safety awareness is instilled in every employee. We have the following programs to create awareness and safety among our workers:

Safety Plan and Procedures
1. Company Responsibilities and Operational Services support
2. Job hazard analysis
3. Safety training and education
4. Inspections
5. Safety meetings
6. Accident investigations
7. Record keeping

Hazardous Communication
1. First Aid
2. Fire Protection/Prevention
3. Electrical Safety
4. Ladders and Scaffolds
5. Infectious Diseases
6. Blood borne Pathogens

Mendoza Maintenance Group, Inc. has implemented a comprehensive safety program, to ensure a safe Quality Control environment, at the state, regional and local level.

Operational training programs are also critical to the success of our service. Operational Managers administer a vast collection of quality programs to ensure our clients receive a better product. Our operational training programs are designed for each specific client to meet their unique needs and expectations.

Our Safety Plan is incorporated into our team cleaning program to ensure and maintain a safe and healthy work environment for all employees. We follow all Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines. Our record keeping is based on OSHA requirements. We know all accidents can be prevented!

Our operational programs combined with our safety training enables us to deliver a full service, value package to our clients.

MMG enforces the safety systems and procedures developed, to maintain an excellent record of reducing accidents. We support our employees through direct on-site training, a Spanish safety training library, and customized site-specific procedures. All employees are required to attend training within 30 days of their hire date, covering:

• Safety Awareness
• Hazard Communication
• Lock-out/Tag-out
Continued course material includes:
• Blood borne pathogens
• Personal protective equipment
• Material safety data sheets and chemical handling
• Electrical safety
• Fire safety
• Non-Destructive testing
• Asbestos and other hazardous materials
• Preparation for natural disasters and emergencies
• Slip and fall prevention
• Lifting and ladders
• Accident and unsafe work condition reporting
• Eye injury prevention
• Hand and finger safety
• First aid

Utilizing our customized reporting system, our team leaders are required to tour the facilities regularly to report any discrepancies and or areas that need improvement. Furthermore, our employees are encouraged to report unsafe working conditions directly or anonymously through a safety logbook that is kept at every client location. Our clients benefit from reduced injuries, downtime, and insurance claims. By maintaining our safety record, we are able to reduce the cost of worker’s compensation insurance. To ensure compliance, we have built our safety program into our preventive maintenance system, which periodically notifies site supervisors to conduct site inspections, review specific training modules, and document attendance.

1. All employees will go through a 1 day training session with our safety coordinator when hired.
2. Each employee will be given a safety manual to guide them after training
3. All employees will be trained to learn all job hazards that may arise
4. Each employee will be trained in Accident Reporting Procedures by keeping a safety log to keep track of accident and spills.
5. Each Employee will keep janitors closet in order with MSD Sheets in plain sight.

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