Employee classification

MMG has developed an employee training method and classification that evaluates the process that screens employee’s strengths and experience to determine what they do best.  This process stream lines our cleaning procedures and incorporates safety guidelines to give our employees a safe and hassle-free work environment.  We have developed three levels and further train each employee based on their job strengths.  Each employee is screened and assigned a level to maximize our clients’ objectives.  Each person is trained and crossed trained to perform another person duties based on our contingency plan.  The following is only a sample breakdown of our system of Classification and training:

Level 1 Specializes in Floor specifications such as sweeping and mopping all non carpeted floors and vacuum all carpeted floors.  This team is trained in all safety guidelines such as Wet Sign positioning and mopping procedures to prevent slip accidents.

Level 2 Specializes in Restroom and Lounge Cleaning.  This team is composed of the employees who are given the best evaluations. We take pride in our Restroom and Lounge program. Employees who reach this level understand and perform our techniques to maintain the sanitization and cleanliness in a timely manner that will not only meet our client’s expectations but our objectives as well.

Level 3 Specializes in trash removal, high and low dusting and Glass cleaning.   The employee who is given this level of experience is selected on several requirements such as the ability to lift over 50 lbs on a daily basis and able to work on a ladder.  This group is selected and trained to prevent job injuries thus lowering our liability.  Not every employee reaches this level due to health conditions or other reasons.

One person will be assigned the duty of Team Leader with the responsibility of overseeing their groups’ performance. The team leader will report to the Custodial Supervisor each night with the team’s keys and the groups’ report for the night.

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