Quality control

Quality control inspections will be performed weekly by our Project manager using our inspection system. The entire facility is inspected at least once weekly, and we encourage your representatives to accompany us on inspections. During the tour we contact occupants designated by you as key contacts.

Inspections are entered into our Inspection System which will be a web based application coming up in the next year. This means that the inspections for your property are available to be viewed on the internet at any time, just by logging into the MMG web site. From this, work orders can be created and assigned promptly. Quality control reports are downloaded into an Excel spreadsheet, where information can be stored and graphed, showing trends and tendencies.

In addition to our routine daily, weekly, and monthly inspections MMG employs regional Quality Assurance representatives. These persons are responsible for inspecting your facility one time per quarter. In addition to cleaning quality our Quality Assurance inspections also report on:

  • OSHA compliance
  • Safety Procedures Compliance
  • ID Badge / Uniform Compliance
  • Time Keeping Accuracy
  • On site record retention procedures
  • Payroll Audits

Our Quality Assurance representatives report directly back to our Regional and Project Managers. All reports and findings are reviewed and appropriate corrections are made through joint collaboration with all of our managers.

We recommend a client representative participate in the inspection tours whenever possible. By jointly inspecting the same conditions we can better understand your expectations and meet them.

Our quality process ensures that:
1. Our employees are accountable for their respective roles in delivering quality service
2. Our employees understand our clients’ objectives
3. We are meeting our clients’ objectives
4. Our employees have the training, tools and support to succeed
5. We create clear and measurable goals, communicate them effectively and measure performance
6. We remedy any areas requiring improvement from the previous audit

MMG’s Five Step Process for Quality and Excellence

MMG’s 5 point Quality and Excellence program enables us to satisfy our clients’ expectations in the most productive and cost-effective manner possible. We do this by involving our cleaning crews in the process, measuring quality and communicating results. Our program improves our crew’s efforts and returns increased value to our customers. We do this in Five Steps:

1. Our Management team is trained to determine difficulty and time estimating of job descriptions in all contracts which we call Classification.  This first step defines the job to be done and its priority. Our management team will develop a crew who will be able to fulfill all contract obligations to its best performance by assigning specific job duties to each team member. Each duty is assigned a level which determines the difficulty of each task

2. The Second step is Preparation which defines the actions to accomplish the work, the resources necessary, the quality, precautions, and the environmental standards.  In this step our team determines what tools are necessary to allow our crew to safely perform at its best. We train our employees to determine any and all job hazards, equipment maintenance duties, proper safety guidelines through our safety manual, and OSHA regulations etc.

3. Scheduling determines the timing of the work consistent with the work priority and the accessibility of resources. Our formula to determine the time needed to accomplish our clients expectations is based on the size of the building, number of client employees, complexity of job which is based on the Classification step and the number of restrooms.

4. Work is performed, inspected and approved in the Execution function. This includes work preparation actions such as the collection of advice for further actions and or changes in the work plan. Supervisory inspection of the work is vital in this function. The Team leaders check on their team and the custodial supervisor inspects the team leader and the project manager inspects the custodial supervisor which keeps all of the client’s expectations in line with our performance.

5. Evaluation is a quality control function and compares the plan with the actual work execution and the quality of the product or results.  This step determines if changes have to be made, improved or kept the same. This step will determine if products or routines are sufficient for the job or if new products or chemicals need to be changed.

At Mendoza Maintenance Group, Inc., we take pride in our job and have developed the 5 point system to maintain your image and ours.  Our 5 point system was developed to track the quality of work of every client, whether big or small.

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