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Corporate Support

Each of our market areas are supported by our corporate management services.  Our management services provide support to each market area in the following functions: accounting, marketing, purchasing, sales, staffing and bulk buying.

Mendoza Maintenance Group, Inc Corporate Managers will use their experience to establish a qualified team by using their knowledge of techniques necessary to identify quality people.  Our Management Team will assure expected levels of cleanliness, which are achieved by monitoring daily cleaning activities through our quality control reporting process and through use of our quality control programs called PAM.

Through experience, communication, and the development of a working alliance between MMG and client, we will be able to provide services that no other company can provide, By being a statewide company with employees and equipment already on hand as required in the bid specifications.

The crucial knowledge of the needs of our clients matched with the experience of Mendoza Maintenance Group, Inc in the janitorial and facilities maintenance industry will provide for a successful implementation of higher standards for our client’s image.

Mendoza Maintenance Group, Inc dedicates corporate resources to providing Facilities Management Services at the contract location. Examples of Facility Management functions include:

• Ensuring compliance with local, state, and Federal regulations
• Tailoring service and maintenance programs
• Maintaining employee training, certification, and licensing
• Implementing life and safety programs to decrease liability

MMG utilizes a Senior Management team to oversee the transition period which consists of experienced and qualified personnel, including both owners, who will always have a comprehensive understanding of the needs of your facilities.   This transition period will usually be about 60 days which will allow the smoothest change possible.  Once we are notified of the award of contract, we will interview potential employees, transfer new equipment, order supplies, and train new employees. Our Transition Philosophy is a system of continuous Quality Improvement that assures our clients an easy transition and a commitment of the highest priority.

Corporate Staff

Jaime Mendoza Mr. Mendoza received his BA in Government from the University of Texas in Austin in 2001. He co-founded Mendoza Maintenance Group, Inc in 1998 with his twin brother Javier Mendoza. Jaime was in charge of our Dallas Expansion which has been a successful market expansion. Jaime is certified in OSHA training and record keeping and has intensive training in all fields of facilities management. He was also employed by United Independent School District as a Middle School History teacher at United South Middle School.

Javier Mendoza He is licensed to practice real estate in the state of Texas and received his BA in Political Science from the Texas A&M International University. Javier is also certified in OSHA training and record keeping and has intensive training in all fields of facilities management. He was also employed by United Independent School District as a Government teacher at Alexander High School.

Mission statement

Our mission is to provide our clients with the best and most innovative ways to clean their working environment, thus providing them with a healthy and clean atmosphere. We have the responsibility to foster that environment and actively contribute to the overall success of your business affording you better service and more options.

All of our actions are driven by our desire to serve our clients better than anyone else in the industry.  Our clients can rely on us and on our commitment to them, both now and in the future.

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