MMG attributes its success to our employee hiring methods that have allowed us to create a great working team of employees.  Our turn-over rate of 10% per year is unheard of in our industry.   This has allowed us the development and retention of quality management.  MMG’s success arrives from our Preventive Action Management system or PAM and our 5 Step Process for Quality and Excellence that distinguishes us from the other companies.

Preventive Action Management system

MMG created the Prevention Action Management system or PAM based on the necessary practice to prevent all potential problems and nonconformance issues. The following is a documented procedure that defines PAM.

1. Determine the potential non-conformance and their causes
2. Evaluate the need for action to prevent occurrence of non-conformances
3. Determine and implement the action needed
4. Record the results of the action taken and
5. Review the preventive action taken to improve PAM

Mendoza Maintenance Group will perform a performance assessment to gain an understanding of how the building cleaning systems and equipment are currently operated and maintained, why these cleaning strategies were chosen, and what the most significant problems are for building’s staff and occupants. The following is a list of items that we use in our performance assessment.

• Checklist manuals
• Current logs or schedules
• Energy-efficient operating strategies
• Current run-hour schedules (time-of-day, holiday, lighting, etc.)
• The most comfort problems or trouble spots in the building
• Adequacy of building documentation
• Match of cleaning staff skills to building expectations
• Which tenants and what activities influence how the building is cleaned and maintained
• Organizational policies and procedures that impact cleaning and maintaining of the building

Walk Downs: MMG determines, collects and analyzes all data to evaluate and determine where improvements can be made. This is where our PAM system is coordinated and developed to take action to eliminate the detected nonconformance. The preventive action is necessary to prevent potential problems and reoccurrence.

Records: MMG keeps all records of the nature of the nonconformance and any subsequent action taken shall be maintained and recorded, to demonstrate conformance to the requirements and subject to re-verification.

Each month once all information is gathered a close out meeting will be held with those directly responsible for working on the monthly assessment along with any individuals that may be responsible for carrying out or influencing the next steps for improving the building’s performance. This meeting is valuable for implementing a detail work schedule. It also provides an important opportunity to recognize individual successes, celebrate the overall success of the project, and discuss the next steps

MMG charts all Preventive Action Management and Custodial Programs over a 52-week period to ensure a balanced annual workload. Our planning considers the operating environment of individual equipment items in developing custodial guides based on national standards, best industry practices, and as appropriate, to clearly define the maintenance tasks for each equipment class. We schedule periodic custodial cleaning and tasks on an annual basis using the same techniques used to schedule the PAM program. All schedules are implemented in the Quality Assurance logbook

Our Project manager and Quality Control supervisor will identify the availability of the on-site workforce to implement corrective actions to be scheduled to prevent excessive wear and tear. In addition to daily observations of the interior conditions, on-site management schedules, formal inspections of the building on a semi-annual basis to determine requirements for particular work to prevent deterioration or other damage from the natural aging process.

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